About Me

It’s a story told a thousand times, a person grows up in their hometown and has a desire to see the world beyond their front door. Combine my desire to calculate my thoughts and spill them onto a piece of paper—or computer screen—and you have a born travel writer. Here’s the kicker, I was born and raised on the sunny beaches of Santa Monica, California, and beyond my front door was the entertainment capital of the world.

Still, combined with other numerous complicated factors, I saw how satisfied those were around me and thought to myself “I don’t want to die having only lived in a very small section of this beautiful rock flying circularly through the cosmos.” So, I did what I could to start myself on the right foot to accomplish that dream and worked hard to land myself in Augusta, Georgia of all places, where I was the head Group Editor of multiple travel publications.

Recently Morris Visitor Publications decided to shut down a collection of WhereTraveler markets, conversely eliminating my position along with many others. Alas my desire to travel, write, edit remains unchanged and I hope I can collaborate my skills with your needs in order to create something majestic. Let's get to work!